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    Abruzzo Region Guide

    Feast of San Domenico and the Ritual of Serpari of Cocullo
    Serpari of Cocullo
    Abruzzo Heritage
    The ezine for the Abruzzo World Club. Members have access to all articles and non members have access to a limited number of articles.

    Arts and Culture
    This coastal and mountainous land has an amazing array of art and monuments to delight it’s visitors and residents alike.

    The Farchie of Fara Foliorum Petri
    This traditional festival called Le Farchie is held each January in honour of St. Anthony Abbot, who is much worshipped in the towns of Abruzzo for his intercession in protecting the good health of livestock.

    The Feast of San Domenico and the Ritual of Serpari of Cocullo
    One of the most popular traditional feasts of Abruzzo, well-known also abroad, is undoubtedly the Feast of San Domenico in Cocullo, a small mountain village in the province of L'Aquila. You may ask yourself how a feast in a small village can be so well known outside of Italy. The reason for this is that the statue of San Domenico is covered with real snakes caught by locals called "serpari" (snake charmers).

    The Legend of San Panfilo
    This is the legend of the bishop-saint and the building of his church in Sulmona.

    The legend of the Abruzzese treasure in the Peschio Rossi cave
    In Abruzzo in Sante Marie there are legends concerning some hidden treasure at the time of the robbers who roamed the rugged mountains full of caves and sinkholes.

    Leggende San Valentino
    The town of San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore has the legend of Da "Tesori Nascosti e Stregherie" and La Notte dei Defunti.

    Il Volto Santo
    Many flock to the Church of the Volto Santo in Manoppello to see for themselves the image of Christ's face on a shroud.

    Witches from Abruzzo: popular legends in Roccascalegna's area
    Legend tells that in a cave on the slopes of the Majella mountain, better known as "the mountain's tail", there are strange and disturbing presences.

    Folk Songs

    Abruzzo Traditional Songs
    Each song includes a description of what the song is about and the words in both the dialect and English. Songs include Lu Sand'Andonie, Vola vola vola, J'Abruzzu, La fija mè & Tutte li Fundanelle.

    Canti popolari abruzzesi
    This has eight traditional folk songs from the region. Each is written in dialect as well as Italian and you can listen to each song.

    Songs from Abruzzo
    These folk songs from the Abruzzo region include: “Che Mai T'ho Fatt', Amor?„, “Crudele Irene, Tu M'Hai Lasciato„ and “Fanciullo Appena, Ti Parlai D'Amore„.


    Abruzzo proverbs: what are the main idioms
    In this article you will see some of the many Abruzzo idioms, dialectal proverbs that it is good to keep in mind, especially today that the dialect is spoken less and less.

    Proverbi Abruzzesi
    Find a small collection of proverbs from Abruzzo.

    Proverbi in Dialetto Abruzzese
    Get a list of proverbs and popular sayings in both the dialect of the region and in Italian.

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