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  • 7 Ways to Be Sexy Like an Italian

    Discover how to put the Latin in your Lover status.
    Our Paesani

    By Francesca Di Meglio

    Some stereotypes exist for a reason. They ring of truth. Let's face it, the Latin lover is no myth. He (or she for that matter) exists. Many an Italian fulfills the prophecy of oozing sexiness and tempting the hearts – not to mention other parts – of all who encounter them. It doesn't mean they have to bed everyone who shows interest. All right, all right, some of them do sleep with the world; I admitted the stereotype rings of truth, didn't I?

    Still unconvinced? Consider Sofia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Marcello Mastroianni, Paolo Maldini (or really most of Italy's current and former professional soccer players) and you'll change your mind. Heck, if you turn on RAI, you'll catch a glimpse of one of the country's hotties and become a believer. Trust me.

    Of course, now you want to be as sexy as an Italian, too. Well, okay. Here are some ways to pull it off:

    7. Learn the language. Italian derives from Latin. With just about every word ending in a vowel, the language is melodic. Anything you say sounds like poetry. "Ho butato le mie scarpe nella piscina," which means "I threw my shoes in the pool," even sounds good. A few key phrases will help you become more charming. "Sei carino/a" ("You are cute"), "Mi fai impazzire," (You make me crazy), and "Ti amo" ("I'm in love with you") are all you really need. Throw in a few hand gestures and you'll really seem genuine.

    6. Care about your hair. It's not very American to worry so much about good hair days, especially if you're a man. But woah baby do Italians get hung up on the details of their appearance! Men and women alike spend a good deal of time looking in a mirror and adjusting their hair, doing their make-up, primping, and prepping to strut their stuff, usually in the piazza. Women, just up the ante on the grooming you do. Men, you have to walk the road of the metrosexual and be unafraid of product for your hair, skin, whatevs. Go all out. Just be careful about the tweezing and stuff. You can overdo it and the hairiness is often part of Italian sexiness (at least for men).

    5. Be friendly. Italians especially those from the South are a talkative bunch. They will strike a conversation or even joke around with people they meet at the grocery store, the park, wherever they find themselves. Their friendliness is part of their charm, in part because you suddenly feel like you're an old acquaintance and in part because it's just so dang rare these days. So, get to talking to your neighbors and whoever is waiting in line with you. Make them feel noticed and un-alone.

    4. Walk with swagger. If you observe Italian people in the piazza, you'll notice that they walk as if they're on a runway in Milan, even if they are just running to the grocery store. They walk slowly enough for you to see them with their heads held high and a "I want you to look at me, but I don't want you to know that I want you to look at me" glare on their face. It's a little angry and a lot "I'm too cool for you and you know it." Man, does it get people intrigued. So, forget running or actually walking to a destination. You should walk with purpose but have no purpose at all. I know it sounds contradictory and maybe even confusing, but strutting works.

    3. Embrace your curves. Italians are starting to get on the dieting bandwagon, which is a cryin' shame. I hope that stops and fast. Until now, most Italians (barring those fashionistas) liked to eat. While they never overdid it no supersizing fast food over here they savored meals made by hand with high quality ingredients. One of their favorite pastimes, in fact, is lingering over a fine meal. And the curves that came with their eating habits looked pretty good. The idea was that it was just more to love. And those five extra pounds on an Italian always seemed just right. It all seemed to land in the right places. Besides, if you dress it up right to make that bella figura in the piazza, you'll still have all the paesani drooling.

    2. Eat. No one will find you sexy if you're pushing your food around your plate or ordering nothing but salads in the Boot. These people worship at the altar of cuisine. They keep their recipes simple and flavorful and they want to break bread serious bread with you. So, eat. Try it, you'll like it.

    1. Be confident. What separates Latin lovers from the rest of us is their self-esteem. Their mammas told them they were the best thing since sliced bread (and if you're Italian, your mamma definitely did tell you that) and they know it. They walk, talk, and approach others certain that they will like them. If you don't, they don't care. They know that it's your loss. They don't worry about that pimple on their nose, the birthmark on their hand, their rounder bottom, or even their lack of accomplishments at work or in their personal life. They are cool and you should recognize that. End of story. If you can recognize that in yourself, too, then you're well on your way to being a bonafide Latin lover.

    Di Meglio is the Newlyweds Expert for, and you can follow her on Facebook at Francesca's Newlyweds Nest.

    Article Published 1/05/15


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