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  • Dona Lombarda (Donna Lombarda)

    Ameime mi, Dona Lombarda,
    Ameime mi, ameime mi!
    O cume mai volì che fassa,
    Che j'ò'l marì, che j'ò'l marì?
    Vostro marì, Dona Lombarda,
    Feilo mürì, feilo mürì!
    O cume mai volì che fassa
    Felo mürì, felo mürì?
    Mi v'mostrero d'una manera
    D'felo mürì, d'felo mürì.
    Ant'el giardin darè la caza
    J'è un serpentin, j'è un serpentin,
    Preje la testa e poi pisteila,
    Pisteila bin, pisteila bin,
    E poi büteila ant'el vin neiro,
    Dèjé da bei, dèjé da bei,
    Che'l voss marì ven da la cassa
    Cun tanta sei, cun tanta sei.

    Dei-me del vin, Dona Lombarda,
    J'ò tanta sei, j'ò tanta sei.
    Coz' j'èive fait, Dona Lombarda,
    L'sè anturbidì, l'sè anturbidi?
    El veint marin de l'aùtra sera
    L'à anturbidì l'à anturbidì
    Beivelo ti, Dona Lombarda,
    Beivelo ti, beivelo ti!
    O cume mai volì che fassa,
    Che j'ò nin sei, che j'ò nin sei?
    L'è per la punta de la mia speja
    T'lo beverei, t'lo beverei!

    La prima gussa ch'a n'à beivüne,
    Dona Lombarda cambia colür;
    La sgunda gussa ch'a n'à beivüne,
    Dona Lombarda ciama'l consur;
    La terza gussa ch'a n'à beivüne,
    Dona Lombarda ciama'l sotrur!

    Give me your love, Donna Lombarda,
    Do not deny, do not deny!
    How do you think that I may love you?
    Wedded ara I, wedded am I!
    What of your spouse, Donna Lombarda!
    See that he die, see that he die!
    What shall I ever do to kill him!
    How shall he die? how shall he die?
    Oh, I will show you how to kill him,
    How he shall die, how he shall die!
    Back of your house there, in the garden,
    There is a snake, there is a snake,
    Put the snake's head into a mortar,
    Powder to make, powder to make.
    Into your husband's wine you'll pour it,
    Into his wine, into his wine,
    When he comes home at night from hunting
    Thirsty for wine, thirsty for wine.

    Give me some wine, Donna Lombarda,
    Thirsty am I, thirsty am I!
    What have you done, Donna Lombarda?
    Cloudy? for why? cloudy? for why?
    Yesterday eve the sea-wind roil'd it,
    Wind of the sea, wind of the sea!
    Drink to my health, Donna Lombarda,
    Drink you to me, drink you to me!
    Why should I drink, I pray you, tell me!
    Thirst I have none, thirst I have none!
    Now, by my dagger's point, I tell you,
    Drink and be done! drink and be done!

    When the first drop of wine she tasted,
    Donna Lombarda's color 'gan waste.
    After the second drop she tasted,
    For the confessor sent she in haste.
    After the third drop of wine she tasted,
    For the gravedigger she sent at last

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    Marzo, Eduardo. Songs of Italy; sixty-five Tuscan, Florentine, Lombardian and other Italian folk- and popular songs. New York: G. Schirmer, 1904. 5


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