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  • Italian Football Players - Complete List

    Italian Americans have played a big part in American Football. Be the first to own this unique design from showcasing some of the great Italian Americans who have contributed to this great game. There are over 80 shirts and novelty items to choose from.
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    Name Years Played Position
    * Mike Adamle 1971-1976 Running Back
    Tony Adamle 1947-1954 Linebacker
    Nick Adduci 1954-1955 Defensive Back
    Alan Ameche 1955-1960 Running Back
    Joe Andruzzi 1997-2006 Offensive Lineman
    Bob Avellini 1975-1984 Quarterback
    Al Baisi 1940-1947 Offensive Lineman
    Ed Balatti 1946-1948 Defensive Linemen
    Bruno Banducci 1944-1954 Offensive Lineman
    Marco Battaglia 1996-2003 Receiver
    Mark Bavaro 1985-1994 Receiver
    Gary Beban 1968-1969 Quarterback
    Joe Bellino 1965-1967 Running Back
    Mike Bettiga 1973-1974 Receiver
    Angelo Bortolo Bertelli 1946-1948 Quarterback
    Ping Bodie 1921-1921 Running Back
    Jack Bonadies 1926-1926 Offensive Lineman
    Steve Bono 1985-1999 Quarterback
    Joey Bosa 2016-Present Defensive Linemen
    Nick Bosa 2019-Present Defensive Linemen
    Tony Boselli 1995-2002 Offensive Lineman
    Gene Brito 1951-1960 Defensive Linemen
    Tedy Bruschi 1996-2008 Linebacker
    Doug Buffone 1966-1979 Linebacker
    Nick Buoniconti 1962-1976 Linebacker
    Dave Campo 1987-Present Coach
    Don Campora 1950-1953 Defensive Linemen
    Tony Canadeo 1941-1952 Running Back
    Bob Cappadona 1966-1968 Running Back
    Gino Cappelletti 1960-1970 Receiver
    Gino Cappelletti 1960-1970 Kicker
    John Cappelletti 1974-1983 Running Back
    Mac Cara 1937-1938 Receiver
    Glenn Carano 1978-1984 Quarterback
    Al Carapella 1951-1955 Defensive Linemen
    Lou Cordileone 1960-1968 Offensive Lineman
    Giovanni Carmazzi 2000-2001 Quarterback
    Joe Carollo 1962-1973 Offensive Lineman
    Ken Casanega 1946-1948 Defensive Back
    Ken Casanega 1946-1948 Quarterback
    Tommy Casanova 1972-1977 Defensive Back
    Frank Cassara 1954 Linebacker
    Anthony Castonzo 2011-Present Offensive Lineman
    Jimmy Cefalo 1978-1984 Receiver
    Gordy Ceresino 1979 Linebacker
    Angelo Coia 1960-1966 Receiver
    Daniel Colchico 1960-1969 Defensive Linemen
    Don Colo 1950-1958 Defensive Linemen
    * Marc Colombo 2002-Present Offensive Lineman
    Ed Conti 1941-1945 Offensive Lineman
    Dave Costa 1963-1974 Defensive Linemen
    Blake Costanzo 2006-Present Linebackers
    Jim Covert 1983-1990 Offensive Lineman
    Gary Cuozzo 1963-1972 Quarterback
    * Dave D'Addio 1984-1984 Running Back
    * Lou D'Agostino 1996-1996 Running Back
    * Pete D'Alonzo 1951-1952 Running Back
    Mike D'Amato 1968-1968 Defensive Back
    Joe Danelo 1975-1984 Kicker
    + Peter De Maria   Offensive Lineman
    Jack Del Bello 1953-1953 Quarterback
    Jim Del Gaizo 1972-1975 Quarterback
    Al Del Greco 1984-2000 Kicker
    Tom DeLeone 1972-1984 Offensive Lineman
    Johnny Dell Isola 1934-1940 Offensive Lineman
    * Spiro Dellerba 1947-1949 Running Back
    * Robert Delpino 1988-1993 Running Back
    * Sam DeLuca 1960-1966 Offensive Lineman
    * Tony DeLuca 1984-1984 Defensive Linemen
    * Jerry DeLucca 1959-1964 Offensive Lineman
    Bob DeMarco 1961-1975 Offensive Lineman
    * Brian DeMarco 1995-1999 Offensive Lineman
    * Mario DeMarco 1949-1949 Offensive Lineman
    Al DeRogatis 1949-1952 Defensive Linemen
    Mike DeVito 2007-Present Defensive Linemen
    John DiGiorgio 2006-Present Linebackers
    * Ryan D'Imperio 2010-Present Running Back
    Joe DiVito 1968-1968 Quarterback
    ^ Aldo Donelli 1941-1944 Coach
    Jason Fabini 1998-Present Offensive Lineman
    Gary Famiglietti 1938-1946 Running Back
    Anthony Fasano 2006-Present Receiver
    Vince Ferragamo 1977-1986 Quarterback
    Jack Ferrante 1941-1950 Receiver
    Jack Ferrante 1941-1950 Defensive Linemen
    * Orlando Ferrante 1960-1961 Offensive Lineman
    Ron Ferrari 1982-1986 Linebacker
    Joe Flacco 2008-Present Quarterback
    Joe Fortunato 1955-1966 Linebacker
    Pete Franceschi 1946 Running Back
    Bob Gagliano 1981-1993 Quarterback
    Lu Gambino 1948-1949 Running Back
    Jimmy Garoppolo 2014-Present Quarterback
    Frank Gaziano 1944-1944 Offensive Lineman
    Breno Giacomini 2008-Present Offensive Lineman
    Louie Giammona 1976-1982 Running Back
    Nick Giaquinto 1980-1983 Running Back
    Matt Giordano 2005-Present Defensive Back
    Pete Gorgone 1946-1946 Running Back
    Paul Governali1946-1948Quarterback
    Ralph Guglielmi 1955-1963 Quarterback
    Franco Harris 1972-1984 Running Back
    Ted Hendricks 1969-1983 Linebacker
    Larry Izzo 1996-Present Linebacker
    David Knight 1973-1977 Receiver
    Daryle Lamonica 1963-1974 Quarterback
    Dante Lavelli 1946-1956 Receiver
    Augie Lio 1941-1947 Offensive Lineman
    Tony Liscio 1963-1971 Offensive Lineman
    Lou Little 1920-1921 Offensive Lineman
    Vince Lombardi 1959-1967, 1969 Coach
    Tom Longo 1969-1971 Defensive Back
    Mike Lucci 1962-1973 Linebacker
    Bobby Luna 1955-1959 Defensive Back
    Ray Malavasi 1963-1983 Coach
    Massimo Manca 1987-1987 Kicker
    Eric Mangini 1996-Present Coach
    Gino Marchetti 1952-1966 Defensive Linemen
    Ted Marchibroda 1953-1957 Running Back
    Ted Marchibroda 1975-1998 Coach
    Joe Marconi 1956-1966 Running Back
    Orlando Mare 1997-Present Kicker
    Ed Marinaro 1972-1977 Running Back
    Dan Marino 1983-1999 Quarterback
    Steve Mariucci 1997-2005 Coach
    Len Masini 1947-1948 Running Back
    * Tim Mazzetti 1978-1980 Kicker
    Nick Mike-Mayer 1973-1982 Kicker
    Jim Monachino 1951-1955 Running Back
    Joe Montana 1979-1994 Quarterback
    George Musso 1933-1944 Offensive Lineman
    George Musso 1933-1944 Defensive Linemen
    Johnny Musso 1975-1977 Running Back
    Chris Naeole 1997-Present Offensive Lineman
    Leo Nomellini 1950-1963 Defensive Linemen
    Brock Olivo 1998-2001 Running Back
    Bo Orlando 1990-1998 Defensive Back
    Lou Palatella 1955-1959 Offensive Lineman
    John Panelli 1949-1953 Linebacker
    Ben Paolucci 1959-1959 Defensive Linemen
    Vince Papale 1976-1978 Receiver
    Bill Parcells 1983-2006 Coach
    Babe Parilli 1952-1969 Quarterback
    Dan Pastorini 1971-1983 Quarterback
    Bob Pellegrini 1956-1965 Linebacker
    * Joe Pellegrini 1978-1979 Defensive Linemen
    * Joseph Pellegrini 1982-1986 Offensive Lineman
    Ralph Perretta 1975-1980 Offensive Lineman
    Vinny Perretta 2009 Receiver
    Rob Petitti 2005-2010 Offensive Lineman
    Bob Petrella 1966-1971 Defensive Back
    Bill Piccolo 1943-1945 Offensive Lineman
    Brian Piccolo 1966-1969 Running Back
    Nick Pietrosante 1959-1967 Running Back
    Sabby Piscitelli 2007-Present Defensive Back
    Kerry Porter 1987-1990 Running Back
    Vince Promuto 1960-1970 Offensive Lineman
    Dominic Raiola 2001-Present Offensive Lineman
    Andy Robustelli 1951-1964 Defensive Linemen
    Sav Rocca 2007-Present Kicker
    Sam Rutigliano 1967-1984 Coach
    Tino Sabuco 1949 Offensive Lineman
    Paul Salata 1949-1950 Receiver
    Joe Santone 1926-1926 Offensive Lineman
    Tony Sardisco 1956-1962 Linebacker
    Joe Savoldi 1930-1930 Running Back
    Ralph Sazio 1948-1948 Offensive Lineman
    Joe Scarpati 1964-1970 Defensive Back
    Bob Scarpitto 1961-1968 Receiver
    Bob Scarpitto 1961-1968 Kicker
    Greg Schiano 1996-2000 Coach
    Joe Scibelli 1961-1975 Offensive Lineman
    Ben Scotti 1959-1964 Defensive Back
    Joe Scudero 1954-1960 Running Back
    Rocky Segretta 1926-1926 Defensive Linemen
    Mike Siani 1972-1980 Receiver
    Joe Signaigo 1948-1950 Offensive Lineman
    Tony Siragusa 1990-2001 Defensive Linemen
    Tony Sparano 1999-Present Coach
    Joe Taffoni 1967-1973 Offensive Lineman
    Bob Talamini 1960-1968 Offensive Lineman
    Giorgio Tavecchio 2017-2018 Kicker
    Tony Teresa 1958-1960 Defensive Back
    Vinny Testaverde 1987-2007 Quarterback
    Mario Tonelli 1940-1940 Running Back
    Gino Torretta 1993-1997 Quarterback
    Charley Trippi 1947-1955 Running Back
    Charley Trippi 1947-1955 Quarterback
    Sam Vacanti 1947-1949 Quarterback
    Frank Varrichione 1955-1965 Offensive Lineman
    Ray Ventrone 2005-Present Defensive Back
    Jay Venuto 1981 Quarterback
    Sam Venuto 1952 Running Back
    Dick Vermeil 1976-1982, 1997-2005 Coach
    Phil Villapiano 1971-1983 Linebacker
    Adam Vinatieri 1996-Present Kicker
    Ralph Vince 1923-1925 Offensive Lineman
    Sandro Vitiello 1980-1980 Kicker
    Elnardo Webster 1992-1992 Linebacker
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    * These Players are ones that I am unsure of. I am going by their name. If you can confirm they are of Italian heritage plase let me know.

    + Peter was an All American guard at Purdue. He was drafted by Green Bay in 1944, but turned down a pro contract offer.

    ^ in 1941 Aldo became the only person to coach a pro team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a collegiate team, the Duquesne Dukes, at the same time. He also was an exceptional soccer player and he was inducted into National Soccer Hall of Fame.

    Throughout history there have been many American football players of Italian heritage. The list in no way is complete list of players. Should there be a name that I omitted please let me know by sending me the information to the following address:

    Last Updated 12/29/21


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